2億年前の大木の上に裸足で立ってみた… 大いなる地球意識の風が、遙か彼方から吹いてきた。 全身の細胞を呼び起こすように 富士山にも感じるような、恐れ多く強く美しい存在。 そして その後、遠くから光の球がスパイラルを描き、一筋に子宮から天へと突き抜けていった。 これが エジプトや、イエスとマグダラのマリアが伝えたかった高貴な光に満ちた女性性のエネルギーだとわかった。 私達は水…
2000年、それ以上の時とも共振し合えるヒトという存在。真理は共鳴する。数十年、何も疑わなかった…  数千年、閉じ込められてきた、 女性の神聖。

感覚を言語化するのは難しいですが、 自分で腑に落ちた発見があったので、呟きたくなりました。 もしかして、同じようなエネルギーを感じている方もいらっしゃるかな、 皆さま、今日も素敵な一日をお過ごしくださいませ✨


A massive fossil forest in Arizona. I stood on one big tree that is 200 million years old with my barefoot… I felt the wind of the earth’s consciousness blow from far away. It was like it was calling to all the cells in my whole body, as it would even reach Mt. Fuji, like something so strong and beautiful. Then, one shining ball from a distance came making a spiral and penetrated from my womb straight into the sky. Then I knew, that this was the energy of femininity that Egypt, Jesus Christ, and Mary Magdalene wanted to tell us. We are water….. We, humans, have the ability to vibrate sympathetically with time from over 2000 years ago. The truth vibrates sympathetically. I did not notice for several decades…. the sacredly of women that had been closed in for several thousand years. I do believe that is also the command from God.

I finally realized the awareness of this beautiful universe by looking at the society and suffer and joy, vibrating sympathetically, and through all the experiences in this world, I appreciate everything. It is difficult to put into words the sensation, but I wanted to murmur since the idea was coming home to me. Maybe there are people who feel the same kind of energy as me…? I hope you all have another nice day.

Photo by Matthew Ericson


"I want to feel the Earth with my barefeet when a certain time comes..." That is what I thought in 2015 when I first started going around the world to pray.
I became friends with beautiful land, and met people with heartwarming souls.
"We are all one", that is what I felt as we all danced, prayed, laughed together, and it has already been 23 countries.
I will keep traveling all over the world to give a prayer of gratitude.